We uprooted our city lives to escape the snow, only to end up on an island in the middle of the North Atlantic two years later, just in time for winter.

I KNOW. It makes absolutely no sense. But, have you seen our island? It’s gorgeous.

Everyone who lives along Vinalhaven’s 300 miles of craggy coastline believes that the view from their house is the prettiest. We’ve witnessed heated fights between residents passionately debating whose slice of the island is the most scenic. We personally believe that the building that houses our soon-to-be home and restaurant is in a pretty baller spot, but there is no point arguing. We just feel lucky to be here. These photos speak for themselves:

Take the ferry from Rockland to Vinalhaven. The 15 mile trip takes 75 minutes – on nice days it’s a beautiful ride.

My mom on the ferry

Vinalhaven’s working waterfront in Carver’s Harbor – lobster boats galore!

Robert Indiana, the artist who created LOVE sculpture in Philadelphia and reimagined it as HOPE for Obama’s campaign years later resides on the island.

We take the dogs out exploring every chance we get. Marigot loves car rides (Cole not so much) and they both love hiking!

There’s lots of protected land and great trails all over our island

The last of the tomatoes, ripening on the sill of our rented house