After being on mandatory lockdown for six weeks to recover from their heartworm treatments, the dogs are FINALLY done.

I’m not sure who is happier – us or them! (spoiler alert, it’s all of us)

Now that they are permitted to run and play, we celebrated their release with a beach day. Can you believe we’ve lived in Puerto Rico for over two months now without spending a single day at the beach? I know! Our day in Ocean Park, my favorite beach spot in all of San Juan, was just what the doctor ordered – for humans and dogs alike.

The pups are still afraid to go swimming, but they will never tire of rolling around in the sand until every inch of them is covered. I don’t mind one bit, now that we’re living on land with unlimited water and a washing machine to clean up all that salty sand.

Cole really hammed it up for the camera this time, I think he was in an extra good mood…