Words cannot describe how much we love Culebra.

In spite of three unseasonably rainy days at anchor that started shortly after our arrival in the main harbor (Ensenada Honda), we enjoyed every day we spent here.

While exploring the little town of Dewey, we found two spots for great drinks, food, and people watching – Zaco’s Tacos and The Dinghy Dock. The rain gave us the perfect excuse to while away hours in these establishments –  this did not help my addiction to Zacos Tacos – without feeling too guilty that we were stuck inside eating and drinking.

Towards the end of the rainy stretch, we were delighted when Marc passed through the harbor, captaining a million dollar sailing catamaran on delivery to Puerto Rico for a client. He adjusted beautifully to our rainy day routine during his very short stay.

Once the rain finally cleared, we grabbed a golf cart at the best rental place on the island and had an awesome day exploring all that Culebra has to offer. We zipped to all corners of the island, enjoying fantastic beaches, snorkeling, hikes, food, and panoramic island views.

I kept promising Brian that I’d put down the camera – but then I’d see another beautiful/interesting/delicious thing and could not  help but snap another photo. I did my best to edit down hundreds of photos into the collection below, which still does not do this island justice.

Culebra was once used as a missle test site by the US military. The signs from this activity remain. It’s a genius way to protect the more obscure reefs and beaches from most turistas.

Fixing shit in exotic places – flip flop edition

On Carlos Rosario Beach, just before one of our favorite snorkels ever


Be still Brian’s heart – glass cases filled with fried Puerto Rican delights at Flamenco Beach

Flamaco Beach is listed on many of those must beautiful beaches in the world lists, and we agree. We’re just not used to sharing our beaches with people .


The rocky shore of Punta Solodado