Have you forgotten about us yet? We’re still here!

Since my last update, there’s been non-stop action inside, outside, and all around Nightingale Tune, thanks to our painting perfectionist/project manager Noel and his team of workers who have been sanding, fairing, and priming above the waterline for days. Boaters always grouse about island time – how it breeds a stunted sense of urgency, plaguing projects in the yard. Happily, there’s none of that with Noel and crew – these guys are awesome. They show up and they work hard.

Noel’s attention to detail has crept over into my varnishing projects as well. He’s been offering (usually constructive) criticism about my prep, mixture, and application methods. At a point when I was getting frustrated and ready to accept what was “good enough”, he convinced me to sand down and start over with thinner varnish. I’m so glad that he did.

As of this morning, we have a hull that is primed dark grey above the waterline. This afternoon, the crew will begin tenting the boat to prepare for the first coat of color to go on – and that’s when the excitement really begins! Stay tuned.

Grey primer coats

Brian, sanding teak for the new bowsprit he’s building

So. Much. Blue. Tape.

It took hours to painstakingly apply the decal with our name to the transom, but only minutes to scrape it off. She looks so naked without her name! We’re working with a local vinyl guy to make us a new one that will work with the new color.

First coats of the Bristol Finish varnish on the transom hatch

Varnishing the rails that hold our jerry cans and the pieces of the new bowsprit. Brian created a little varnishing foxhole with debris from the yard to protect from sun and dust.

Life goes on in the yard. We’re generating more laundry than ever these days!

Noel and team, setting up the PVC pipes that will hold up the tent for painting the hull.