Yesterday we orchestrated what I consider to be a perfectly balanced day – 30% errands, 30% boat projects, and 40% fun island exploration.

With our hefty chore list, it’s tempting to jump down a rabbit hole of work and forget to do the fun stuff too. Instead, we strive to pair work with play here on Nightingale Tune – otherwise, what’s the point of traveling this way? It shouldn’t be all about fixing (and maintaining!) shit in exotic locations – as the sailors are fond of saying. A little project management goes a long way to maximize fun and efficiency.

So, in addition to hauling a literal boatload of laundry to Shrimpy’s, tracking down new flip flops (our old ones have worn paper thin), lugging a case of wine, visiting a boatyard and researching/making contact with several others for bottom painting quotes, learning about bottom paints and comparing the pros and cons of each, and making several new soft shackles out of Dyneema, we also made sure to take time to step away from our projects for a little walk around Marigot and up to Fort Louis.

We’re so very zen here on the good ship Nightingale. It was a good day. And, isn’t Marigot Bay spectacular? That’s our girl in the photo below, near the head of the pack.

Graffiti in this boatyard reminds me of sailor tattoos

Just the essentials – rhubarb jam, cornichons, and wine – believe it or not, I’ve already got Bahamas provisioning on my mind!

Over 6 weeks worth of laundry adds up! We got back six bags this size.

New, high-quality flips – score! It can be so hard to find items like these in the islands. Flip flops are the only shoes we ever wear. We keep a pair for each of us in the dinghy at all times, so we never get to land only to realize that we’ve forgotten our shoes.

Brian’s first soft shackle – check!