Today is our second Thanksgiving at sea and we’re feeling so thankful. We’re also missing our loved ones more than ever, and wishing we could be in two places at once.

Last year, we threw down epically with our friends from the Rico Rally. That feels like it happened another lifetime ago – we were still in the United States!

We’re with our good friends on Corpse Pounder this year and have decided to take a more hands-off approach to Thanksgiving.  St. Lucia is known for its restaurants, so we figured, why not leave dinner to the experts? We’ll be checking out Rainforest Hideaway tonight, as we raise a glass to everything that’s good in our lives.

We may not be eating turkey (most likely, it will be seafood on the menu) but I did make a little time this morning to bake a pie, just as I’ve done every Thanksgiving morning of my adult life. It’s the little things.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!