It’s been a rough week here in the West Indies.

Lacking internet to stream video, we watched the election returns by hitting refresh on our news apps every couple minutes until we fell asleep in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. We awoke to news that put us both in quite a funk. Feeling far from our people, we glued ourselves to Facebook, desperate to make sense of it all, and later denounced Facebook as detrimental to our mental health. When we learned of Leonard Cohen’s death the very next day, our depression grew worse.

All the while it has poured, poured, poured for days on end. Anchored in Bequia, we’ve gotten so much rain that we discovered new leaks in our portlights and lockers where we keep electronics, foodstuffs, and clean clothing. Our bed feels like we are sleeping on a big, soggy sponge. Sealed inside, we’re choking on the humidity generated by our own warm bodies. There is no escape from cloying dampness.

By day four in Bequia we’d had enough. We saw a small window of clearing on the radar and made a run for it. We’ve decided to backtrack south while we wait on a shipment of stuff that has taken much longer than expected to arrive in St. Lucia. We’ll hang out in the gorgeous Tobago Cays while we wait, rather than going stir-crazy in Bequia or getting caught in St. Lucia (which you may recall, is not our fave) for two weeks.

In the Tobago Cays, we’ll be taking a news holiday and focusing on the positive. We look forward to sharing more adventures in future posts.