Standing on the ledge, facing down into the opaque pool beneath the gorgeous Annandale Falls, my natural-born chicken was raging. The guide threw a pebble to show me where to aim. The safe-zone where the pebble splashed seemed so very far from the ledge.

Brian went first without a second thought – executing a perfect jack knife in mid air before splashing down into the pool.

I stalled. Took a little run to the edge… and stopped short of jumping. I stared into the water below and contemplated turning around and getting back into my clothes.

Thankfully, we’d brought some friends who stayed on land to cheer me on who kept me from wussing out. Peer pressure, it works! My performance was less graceful than Brian’s, but at least I took the plunge.

I’m so glad that I did it, because swimming under a waterfall is totally cool. Also, literally cool and refreshing. And that beautiful, mineral rich water made my skin and hair feel all silky.

Me:1 Chicken:0

Special thanks to our friend Joanna on s/v Discofish for the killer action shots.


Photo: Joanna Antkowiak Castells


Photo: Joanna Antkowiak Castells


Photo: Joanna Antkowiak Castells