Month: April 2016

Passage Notes: Turks & Caicos to Puerto Rico

Sweating and swearing, my head bashed into the bathroom mirror, as I attempted to pull up my pants in total darkness. Ah, the joys of passage-making. Passages are the price we pay for the privilege of doing what we do. Our trip from Providenciales, Turks and Caicos to Mayaguez, Puerto Rico marked our fifth time out for more than 24 hours in one shot. We made it in 86 hours, setting a new record as our longest bout at sea. Thankfully, the passage was pretty uneventful. Sure, there were some big waves, lots of motor-sailing straight into the wind (unavoidable...

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Hello Provo!

After 12 hours of shitty motoring straight into the wind, we had a lot of reasons to be excited about our arrival in Providenciales (everyone calls it Provo), in the Turks & Caicos Islands. From the moment we tied off to the dock, I felt my entire body relax with the sensation of stillness for the first time in weeks. No wind, no waves, no movement whatsoever. Ahhhhh. That, and a first real shower in three months, made me feel brand new. Deb and Pete were on the dock waiting to welcome us, and Allison and Bo were just...

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Farewell Bahamas

We’ve come to the end of our time in the Bahamas. Our alarms are set for 3AM, an early start for our sail to Turks and Caicos. I wish I could say that our final week here has been amazing, but, thanks to the weather, frustrating is a more accurate description. We’ve been held hostage on the boat this week by relentlessly strong wind and waves (so strong that our sanity-saving swell bridle could no longer handle its load and we had to take it off, which made the boat extremely uncomfortable). We’d taken a chance staying on for a second week...

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Cruising Costs – March 2016

You’ve quit your jobs to sail around the Bahamas and Caribbean for a year or two? Cool. You must be millionaires! Not even close. In this new life of ours, we’re actually quite frugal. The more cash we can save, the longer we get to stay out and play. It’s a pretty good incentive, no? To give you an idea of how we spend our money, I’ll be sharing a monthly itemized review of our spending and my thoughts on our financial burn in general. Here’s what we spent in March. Summary of expenses for March 2016, Exhumas & Out...

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