Month: March 2016

Mayaguana: Last Stop in the Bahamas

A 27 hour sail from Rum Cay landed us in Mayaguana, the most isolated island of the Bahamas and our final stop in this beautiful country. We dropped anchor in Abraham’s Bay, cracked beers to celebrate another successful overnight passage, and promptly passed out from exhaustion. Fifteen hours later, we were shaken from sleep by uncomfortable bucking and rolling. The wind began to whistle in the rigging, stirring up waves in the bay. It’s been blowing like stink ever since. The waves are so big, we must wait for it to calm before venturing out to explore the beautiful,...

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What’s Become of Rum Cay

The mood out here has changed since we started down the Thorny Path. Gone is the constant chatter between sailors on the VHF radio, and with it, the reassuring sight of many white sails rising up from the horizon. We’ve officially entered less-traveled waters, and sailing here demands renewed focus and (sometimes) a salty, stiff upper lip. Following some tense navigation through a minefield of coral heads (and instant flashbacks to this incident ), we dropped anchor safely in the wild and gorgeous Port Nelson anchorage at Rum Cay. Our cruising guides promise some can’t miss stops on the island,...

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We’ve Been Liebstered!

Of all the benefits that come from keeping a sailing blog, the networking aspect is by far my favorite. Blogs (and their companion Facebook pages) connect the sailing community. We use them to learn about boat stuff and traveling destinations, check in with friends (even when internet connectivity is terrible), and make arrangements for meeting up when fate places us in the same geographic area at the same time. The Liebster Award is a chain-letteresque tradition that celebrates the sailing network by highlighting unique qualities of each crew. How it works is simple: one crew nominates another and asks them to answer a...

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Long Island: Our First Step Down the Thorny Path

Our arrival back in George Town was supposed to be all business, but the weather had other plans. Strong winds ripped through the anchorage for an entire week, bouncing boats day and night and making it difficult to dinghy back and forth from town. Facing the prospect of drenching ourselves on each trip to town, we procrastinated a little, and then a little more. This was a problem for us, as we were supposed to be on a mission to complete our formidable to-do list: a month’s supply of food (most of it cooked by me and frozen), 150...

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Our First Visitors! Thea and Eric in the Exhumas

On the dock in New York, we imagined we’d be overrun by visiting friends and family right about now. Who wouldn’t want to escape icy winter and come hang with us in tropical paradise? Sadly, it turns out that planning a rendezvous in the Exhumas (outside of George Town, that is) is tricky and pricy. Not wishing to put anyone out, we suspended our campaign for visitors this season. Then, we got an email from our friend Eric. I’d just posted photos of the swimming pigs on Facebook, and his partner Thea was completely obsessed. Eric found mid-week seats on...

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