Month: January 2016

Cracking Conch

Capturing and killing animals for food is a new and empowering experience for Brian and me. Having recently added lobster to our fishing repertoire, we were eager to get more practice (and hopefully, more free grub). With plans set with our buds from s/v Basta for another afternoon of spearing, we piled our gear into the dinghy and puttered out toward the cut. They were already in the water snorkeling as we approached in our dink. All of a sudden, Mike shot out of the water and up into their dinghy, hauling Marjolaine up by both of her arms...

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Our First Lobsters!

Surrounded on all sides by pristine beaches and uninhabited islands in Normans Cay, we’re feeling overwhelmed by the variety of scenery ripe for exploration. It’s good having places to go, as the time has come for me to finally (and begrudgingly) learn to drive the dinghy. Slowly, and often with random jerking movements (still getting the hang of the accelerator on the tiller and the whole right-means-left thing), we’ve puttered to and fro, exploring sandbars that go on for miles, beaches unspoiled by a single footprint, caves carved into the sides of cliffs, and a beautiful hidden lake that...

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What All of the Fuss Is About

I cannot count the different shades of blue surrounding Nightingale Tune here in Allen’s Cay, the northernmost anchorage in a string of islands called The Exhumas. Drinking in layer upon layer of navies, turquoises, and royals spanning out to the horizon, I am plumb dumbstruck by the beauty of it all. We’ve been out here for three nights and have encountered a mixed bag of conditions; big chop when we arrived, dead calm the following morning, and currently, a vortex of waves pushed by wind from one direction and current from the other. We’ve been exploring the pleasures of this...

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Riding Out the Storm

High off the progress we’d made in just two days at the marina, we were feeling good about ourselves as we paid our bill and prepared to back the boat out of her slip. Unfortunately, our confidence shattered as Brian put the boat in reverse and we realized that we had not thought through the sneaky combination of current and wind that blew us back against the dock. The boat started drifting dangerously close to others as Brian spun the wheel to and fro, doing whatever he could to regain steering. In a terrible blur, the boat nearly missed a neighboring...

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Island Time in a New York Minute

The wind was on the nose and waves battered the boat as we made our 28 hour passage from Miami to Nassau, motoring all the way. It was an uncomfortable trip, made worse once we discovered that our main sail, which we’d raised in an attempt to stabilize us, was torn. Brian and I couldn’t sleep, so we were not at our best as we hailed the harbor master on VHF at noon on New Year’s Day to announce our arrival. We were uncharacteristically disorganized, not realizing that in Nassau customs authorities prefer that boats check into a marina to be cleared in. Too blurry to deal with making arrangements...

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