Month: January 2016

The Glamorous Yacht Life: Boat Projects Off the Grid

Things break on boats all the time. We knew this getting into it. Our eyes were wide open. We aspire to be the kind of sailors who can fix our own boat with confidence. Each time something breaks, we’re adding new skills to our repetoire, which is rewarding. Unfortunately, It’s not possible to carry a spare everything aboard, so that learning comes at great personal cost for me – in the form of patience and waiting. Not my strong suites, but I’m getting better as we settle into the pace of life out here.  Here’s a glimpse into the “hidden steps” of boat repair...

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Waiting for a Winch and for Weather

Due to circumstances both natural and self-imposed, we’ve been hanging around the Staniel Cay area far longer than expected. Yet another cold front rolled through late last week, leaving us with no choice but to seek quick protection from the west and holding us hostage on the boat for four days of rolling. We would have been more bummed, if I hadn’t found and purchased an appropriately sized, used Lewmar 50 winch on eBay. As luck would have it, we discovered that the only reasonably-priced and hassle free courier in the Exhumas happens to make daily deliveries from Fort Lauderdale to Staniel Cay. The prospect of finally having...

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The Glamorous Yacht Life: Water, Water, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink

Of all the resources we carry aboard to keep the crew alive and the boat afloat, fresh water is the one we think about most on a daily basis. Back in the US, where water was free of charge and easily obtained at any fuel dock, motivation to conserve was nil. Now in the Bahamas, water hits the cruising budget and must be lugged in jerry cans, five gallons at a time. We have good reason to conserve water aboard, and we take it very seriously. Our Whitby 42 is equipped with three water tanks (one under the v-berth, two under the...

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Pigs and James Bond in Staniel Cay

Years ago, I read an article about Big Major Cay, an island in the Bahamas that is solely inhabited by pigs. I’ve been infatuated with the idea of this place ever since. Anchored just yards away from the pig beach, I could barely contain my excitement as we waded in from our dinghy (just in case the pigs got a little too zealous and tried to come aboard) and were greeted by a stampede of splashing, grunts, and oinks. Brian and I never bring food to feed local animals or fish. Once the pigs discovered that we were empty-handed, they went back to doing...

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Are We Relaxing Yet?

“Do you feel relaxed yet?” Brian’s mom’s question, posed to us once cell service was finally restored following the last big storm, is not so easy to answer. Sitting at anchor in Bell Island, located within the beautiful Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, we were feeling pretty good at that particular moment. Having spent the past few days exploring all the beautiful beaches and snorkeling spots that the park had to offer, we’ve been enjoying a reprieve from boat work and weather stress. It’s fun pretending that there isn’t another broken boat part or cold front just around the corner. Each place we...

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