Rainbow over the anchorage in St. Augustine, FL on Thanksgiving morning

Our arrival in St. Augustine meant the beginning of the end for our merry band of sailors, collectively known as the Rico Rally. The stone of melancholy is settling as we come to accept that the significant bond we’ve formed – our routine of sharing meals and coffee time, sailing, and working on boats – is coming to an end. Tomorrow, Jon will sail s/v Hecla south, bound for West Palm Beach, while Jasaru and Nightingale Tune remain here, waiting for parts to finish up our davits and solar panel projects.

Before scattering to the wind, we enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving together. For Brian and I, it was our first major holiday out, and we have so much for which to be thankful. As chef of the Rico Rally, I had a great week of shopping the farmer’s market in St. Augustine and preparing much of the meal, but the highlight was Thanksgiving day, when our little sailing family gathered one last time to feast, laugh, and recount all of the adventures we’d had together.


It’s fun to see what’s in season in the places we stop – local citrus was a first for me! Bonus, the prices are often way better than in most grocery stores.

banjo jam

The markets also give me a unique opportunity to get a sense of places we visit. Here, a couple dozen folks come together for a communal guitar and banjo jam at the market.

full fridge

DSC_9218 (1)

First pies to ever come out of my boat oven. 100% made from scratch.

the feast

Thanksgiving laid out aboard s/v Jasaru. Brian and Justin wrangled the turkey in Justin’s (much bigger) oven and the subsequent gravy, breads and apple pie by Sabina, everything else, save for Justin’s favorite cranberry jelly from a can, was made from scratch aboard Nightingale Tune – roasted butternut squash, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, whole cranberry relish, warm brussel sprout slaw with bacon, cornbread stuffing, and of course the pecan and pumpkin pies. Who says you can’t cook on a boat?


Sabina, Justin, Thomas, Brian, me, Jon. Sabina and Thomas are a couple from Berlin that we’d missed meeting by a day back in the Deltaville Boatyard. They are good friends of Justin and Jon, and we loved introducing them to American Thanksgiving. We hope to perhaps jump to the Bahamas with them, if the weather window works out.