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Brian Weisenthal
Despite his Long Island upbringing, Brian was a landlubber who had never sailed until just a few years ago. He’s making up for lost time, wearing multiple hats as captain, electrician, mechanic, and engineer on our boat.

Brian re-channeled the energy he once devoted to running his software development company into keeping the boat afloat. He’s done a great job so far, and attributes all of his success to his blanket ban of bananas aboard.

Lauren Weisenthal
I’m the one who writes the blog, in addition to my responsibilities as first mate, cook, organization/research/logistics guru, and bartender. It was me who relentlessly pushed us towards the goal of moving aboard, and I love sailing almost as much as I love Brian.

Back in NYC, I spent my days managing programs for this amazing company and several others before it. I also trained at the French Culinary Institute and worked in some fancy and not-so-fancy restaurants as a pastry chef. I’m a Certified Sommelier, and write about foodwine, and entrepreneurship on a freelance basis.


Marigot & Cole
Boat dogs, and our most recent additions to the crew. We fell in love with these two island pups (sometimes known as Potcakes or Coconut Retrievers) while they were living on the street outside our Sint Maarten boatyard and adopted them in in February 2017.

Boat cat. He can’t catch a bug and he’s crap at sailing, but we love him anyway. Check out Nico’s photo gallery here. Update: Sadly, Nico passed away during Spring 2017, while we were living in Puerto Rico. We miss him every day.