In 2015 we bought a boat, sold our stuff, quit our jobs, and sailed away. 

We’re Lauren and Brian Weisenthal, two adventure-seeking New Yorkers living aboard our 42 foot sailboat, Nightingale Tune. In September 2015, we cut the docklines at Hudson Point Marina in Jersey City, NJ and began heading south. So far, we’ve sailed to the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico, the US and British Virgin Islands, and the Caribbean chain. We spent season 2 sailing our way north from Grenada, and have landed in our new home port in San Juan, Puerto Rico in April 2017. We’re planning to stay for a while and work on some new business ventures together.

For twelve years, we lived as typical MetroCard carrying, takeout ordering, rat race running, apartment dwelling, professional Manhattanites. We loved our lifestyle for a long time, and then suddenly, we felt antsy for change. Like many other thirty-something New Yorkers with city fatigue, we started imagining what life would be like someplace new.

During the spectacularly cold and snowy winter of 2013-14, Brian became obsessed with the idea of learning to sail a boat. Having absolutely no experience, he read and watched anything he could find on the topics of sailing, boat systems, engines, knot tying, and navigation. This obsession led us to St. Thomas, where we lived aboard an Island Packet 40 for a week and took a bareboat certification course. We both fell in love with living aboard and sailing.

From then on, our free time became sailing time. We joined Hudson River Community Sailing and learned a ton sailing J24s. Vacations became bareboat chartering adventures, and as we started meeting other couples and families living aboard, we realized that we could do it too.

So we did.

We left the dock in NYC in September 2015  – down the East Coast, through the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and down the Caribbean island chain to Grenada, WI, and back up again. We stopped in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we sold our boat and took an apartment in the Old City. We planned to stay for a year, but Hurricane Maria had other plans. We’ve since settled on an island in Maine, where we’re working on our next venture.

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