Just before our relocation to Dyers Island, our friend Betsy shared a piece of advice, “Before driving over the Dyers Island Bridge in snow and ice, I roll down the windows and unbuckle my seatbelt.”

That didn’t instill much confidence in two kids from the city.

Now, after three weeks of living at Carol and Skip’s place, we’ve gotten plenty of practice negotiating the winding road and treacherous, single-lane bridge in all kinds of weather. The town of Vinalhaven takes no responsibility for snow removal on Dyers – a large sign reminds us of this fact where the plowed asphalt ends, and the dirt bridge begins. The dozen-ish winter residents here rely on one neighbor – a man called “Frankie T”-  to dig us all out with his giant plow. If not for him, we’d be stuck, hibernating like bears, all holed up in our houses until sometime in April.

After ten days of sub-zero temperatures, we’ve finally caught a break with some sunshine and temps in the low 30s. I took the dogs out today for the longest walk they’ve had since we moved. I’m happy to brag that they did the entire thing off leash, coming back whenever I called, and I had my hands free to snap a few photos of the lovely island that is our temporary home.