You may have heard that the East Coast is experiencing record low temperatures, heaps of snow, and high winds. As Brian’s mom pointed out, the past two winters – ones that we missed while sailing the Caribbean – were so much more mild by comparison. We’ve always been kind of unlucky weather wise, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that we decided to move back just in time to experience something called a bomb cyclone.

Of course, with our restaurant opening sometime in May (or when the snow melts, whichever comes first), we’ve got plenty of things to think about beyond renovation. On the especially cold days, I can be found under a blanket with my laptop, boning up on Maine’s health codes and employer laws, emailing potential suppliers, and having mini heart attacks about whether we’ll be able to hire enough staff. That stuff is all the unfun but necessary work that comes with this biz. But some days, when I’m lucky, I get to have a video chat with one of the best graphic designers on the planet (here’s some of her other work that has a special place in my heart), developing our brand identity. After months of tweaking, we’ve landed on our logo, colors, and some design assets. I think it incapsulates the casual, fun nature of our restaurant, and incorporates some local flavor that makes Vinalhaven unique. Pretty cool, no?