Our windows came on the boat with the weekly lumberyard shipment, just in time for Christmas. As luck would have it, Chad, another great addition to Team Nightingale, was available to install them right away. Hooray!

Seeing something that is such an important part of the finished apartment is really exciting, and I know Glenn and team are happy that the windows make the upstairs work environment 1000% better. Our southern exposure on Main Street, coupled with the insulation project now in progress, help make work life upstairs bearable these days, just in time for a week-long deep freeze.

And speaking of that, work on the restaurant has slowed to a crawl since we hit single digit temperatures. There’s a threshold in that uninsulated space that no amount of heaters, boot warmers, clothing layers, and hot beverages can overcome. We’ve enjoyed a pretty Christmas inside, tried to go back to work the next day, and quickly realized that we’ll need to take a break from the restaurant to avoid freezing to death. Can you believe we’ve been at this for two months now?



Still waiting to be framed, but so happy they are in

We picked a double hung window style that matches many other buildings Downstreet

The view is a little urban (by Vinalhaven standards) but that doesn’t bother us one bit. We can see part of the harbor and cute houses in the village.

Brian helping me install Roxul insulation in some very hard to reach places.

Back in a kitchen (not my own) – helping out with a friend’s catering gig last week

Snowy days and very cold nights on Dyers Island

We’ve been practicing off leash walking with Cole and Marigot. So far, so good!