As Brian and I returned from a supply run at the lumber yard, we paused to take in a glorious sunset over the water. As the sun sank into the horizon, we looked at the clock and our hearts sank. 3:57PM. Ah, winter in New England.

Total darkness in the middle of the afternoon is a productivity killer, especially without lights in your workspace. Last week, we decided the time had come to do something about it.

Which means that Brian spent a good part of the week freezing his ass off in the dining room ceiling, straddling joists in the very low crawlspace, yelling directions as we worked together to run wires and connect lights (I should note here that Brian’s work will get an official sign-off by one of our island’s fine, licensed electricians). This won’t be all of the lighting we’ll have in the dining room, but it’s the bulk of it, and we’re loving our new lights!

Now that we can finally see what we’re doing, we’ve moved on to other projects – namely the construction of a new counter/bar situation, rehabbing our reclaimed wood from upstairs to use for said bar, and helping out with the insulation upstairs in The Nest.

Meanwhile, our lives outside of the restaurant changed significantly this week, as we moved out of our rented house in town and into to our friends’ place on Dyers Island – an island connected to Vinalhaven by a small bridge (we’ll be house sitting while they are away). What we’ve lost in convenience, we gained in gorgeous waterfront views, cozy accommodations, and terrifying drives on snow and ice. Fun times!

Feeding the wires through from the crawlspace and down the wall was not easy. We had to cut some extra holes in the wall to make it happen.

The temps dropped into the teens this week, freezing our kerosene heaters (really useful, no?). Friends and neighbors came out in droves to offer up solutions – electric, kerosene, propane – we’re flush with heaters. This one, that burns kerosene, is our favorite.

We have lights!

On the deck of our new (temporary) house after a little snow


Vinalhaven, hauntingly beautiful after a little overnight snowfall

I installed all of the insulation pictured here, and so much more!

Slicing through Rocksol with a serrated knife feels quite satisfying. It reminds me of cutting angel food cake.

Brian, working on the bones of the bar