On a rainy day in October, Brian turned 37 and we finally closed on our new restaurant and home. With so much to celebrate, we gathered together some of our biggest supporters on the island (so far) to join us in the space for a little party.

After lots of debate, we’ve decided that our spin on casual dining in this hallowed space deserves a new name. And, if boat ownership has taught us one thing, it’s that renaming requires bubbles and friends in massive amounts. To be safe, we did a proper naming, pouring out a ration for Poseidon through a vent in the dining room floor.

Naming a restaurant is perhaps even more challenging than naming a boat. After lots of soul searching, only one option felt right. It will be The Nightingale – after our beloved boat and former home, s/v Nightingale Tune.

We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving – a new business, a great community, and best of all, fantastic new friends. Cheers!