Everybody wants to know how our transition back to land life is going.

I say it’s not bad, apart from the occasional tearful meltdown (all mine). Considering that we’re in a new city, away from our loved ones, starting up a couple of new business ventures (after not working for some time), and preparing to say goodbye to our beloved boat, it could be so much worse.

It feels like our sailing adventure was just a dream. When people ask about our experience, it’s as if I’m retelling a story from a book written by someone else.

And I’m ever so behind in the blog. Bri and I spent the past month mostly apart, as we took turns traveling to visit and attend weddings of friends and family. Brian flew up to New York twice, then it was my turn.

Leading up to my trip, I was apprehensive. Our brief visit last August felt overwhelming and left me unsatisfied by how over it I was. This trip had to be different. I wanted to reconnect with the New York that I used to love.

Happily, I succeeded in my mission. With relatively little time to plan (and never enough time to see everyone that I’d like to see) two weeks away reunited me with many people that I love and miss, brought me to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and the Berkshires, gave me the chance to celebrate the weddings of some lovely friends, and reminded me of all the things I love about these places from my past.

In short, my trip was a lovefest, and the timing couldn’t have been better.

It’s unfortunate that all I have show for this remarkable trip are a bunch of snapshots taken on my phone.

A day at the Central Park Zoo with Jake and his daughters, Charile (pictured) and Sarah

Protest art in Union Square

Perfect weather for exploring Philly

With friends in Philly, outside the Magic Gardens

Our friends Audrey and Chuck tied the knot

Can’t go anywhere without running into a fellow cruiser! (in this case, Joanna from Discofish, who recently left boat life for grad school at Penn

With Audrey at her wedding brunch – she wore her mother’s wedding dress for the occasion – how cool is that?!

On to Boston to visit my sister and her wife. My mom came down from Maine to join us! Here we are at the Kennedy Library

JFK’s favorite boat

There was plenty of restauranting, especially foods I can’t get in PR

With my friend Rachel in Boston – we met as students at Boston University, more years ago than I care to mention

Up to the Berkshires with Devon for the wedding of our friend Sarah

Beautiful brides – Sarah and her wife Lauren

They had a PIE TABLE

One last minute outing back in Brooklyn before my flight

Fab trip, but I missed the dogs