We have some big news.

After many long, heavy conversations about the future and what we want next from our lives, Brian and I have finally put a pin down on the map and picked the city where we’ll resume work and a more normal routine once our cruising adventures are through.

Hola, San Juan, Puerto Rico!

[In the photo above, Brian is standing in Culebra, pointing at Puerto Rico in the distance.]

I KNOW. What about our year 2 plan? The Bahamas? A dreamy summer spent sailing New England? Those things, along with missing family and friends, make up our entire CONS list.

But, when it comes to San Juan, there’s tons of good stuff in the PROS column too. Warm weather and sunshine year round. Culture. Infrastructure. Affordability. Easy access to rainforests, beaches, and mountains. The opportunity to finally learn Spanish. Cheap, direct flights to JFK…

Our adventure is not ending, it is just changing course. Stay tuned for more details, as we sail on towards San Juan!