Lately, we’ve been antsy about the future, whatever it may hold for us. We’d allocated three weeks to spend in the Virgin Islands, and those weeks have quickly come to an end. As much as it pains us, it’s time to move on.

We decided to spend our last days on our favorite island (St. John) in Maho Bay, the anchorage where our sailing adventures started. Waaaaaaay back in 2014, we were new sailors in sailing school here, and we’d come to Maho to learn how to pick up moorings and secure them to the boat.  Since then, we’ve had some really amazing times in Maho – so much so that it feels like home every time we land here.

And so, we savored these last days of beautiful calm, great trails, nice snorkeling (if you’re into turtles and rays – we are!), a perfect beach, and the most beautiful turquoise water that we’ve ever seen. There is no other place on earth I’d rather wake up and drink a cup of coffee.

Our final days in the Virgin Islands (for now, at least) were quiet and beautifully uneventful. We swam, worked on dog training, Brian snared a lobster, and we enjoyed some gin and tonics as we watched the sun set and the full moon rise.

On our last night, the end of a double rainbow landed so close to the boat that we saw its reflection on the water not twenty feet away. We take that as a good omen for things to come, as we dream and scheme about what’s next for Nightingale Tune and her crew. More on that to come.