The concept of a well-deserved day off feels a bit foreign to us these days, as we haven’t worked regular jobs in over a year. But, last Saturday we got a little refresher in the art of a perfect day off when we tagged along with our friend Marc from s/v Discofish and helped him celebrate his first one in over a month.

The last time we saw Discofish, she was sailing away from Falmouth Harbor, Antigua (it was back in December, but feels like an eternity ago). On a mission to get to St. Thomas and start jobs, Joanna, Marc, and Snowy bypassed the rest of the Leeward Islands and completed a multi-night passage with the Christmas winds howling all around them. Since then, they’ve had their nose to the grindstone; Joanna is an emergency room nurse at St. Thomas Hospital, and Marc teaches week-long chartered sailing school classes in the BVI.

For Marc’s first day of freedom, he took the car ferry over to St. John to hang with us for the day (sadly, Joanna was working and couldn’t come play, but she sent along an awesome care package for our critters – thanks J!).

We were quite the sight, three adults and three dogs stuffed into a little 2-door sedan, chugging up mountains and around corkscrew turns all over the island. It was the perfect day out over on the south side – we went to the beach, had a nice hike, and grabbed some lunch and beers at Skinny Legs (easily our favorite spot in Coral Bay, where our pups are doted on by their lovely staff) before Marc had to skedaddle to catch the last ferry home to St. Thomas.

Noooooooo! We won’t go in! You can’t make us!

Well, alright, maybe just a toe.

the whirling dervish called Snowy

Presents from Auntie Joanna

Cole planning a sneak attack

She even got a little something for Nico!