In real life, we get our uni at sushi bars, and on occasion, in warm, oozy pasta dishes at our favorite Italian restaurant. It’s something we really, really enjoy. Mmmmmmmm, gonads!

In boat life, there are sea urchins all over the reefs of the Caribbean and we started to wonder – do they contain the same briny, sweet, buttery delicacy we’ve been missing from our city lives?

Hanging out with Pete and Mary on Neko a few months back, we all started fantasizing about our favorite uni dishes and decided to do a little research about the Caribbean types. Once it was determined that it would not kill us, we decided we’d give Caribbean uni a try.

Fast forward to now. We’re together again in Hansen bay, which has beautiful water and plenty of sea urchins. After a couple of failed attempts, we managed to bring one up with a snare and a bucket. Once we had it aboard, we harvested the gonads using sharp kitchen scissors, tongs, thick leather gloves (safety first!), a spoon, and plenty of water to wash all the spines off the deck (those unlucky enough to get stuck suffer agonizing pain for six hours, says the internet) – we were taking no chances.

The lobes were smaller in size and less golden in color than varieties hailing from Maine, California, and Japan. They were briny for sure, but missing the creamy, velvety qualities that make sushi bar uni so memorable. In short, the taste test satisfied our curiosity, but unfortunately, not our craving for uni. It was still a fun afternoon with good friends, and therefore, a winner in our book.