Lots of people have been asking us how the cat is getting along with the pups.

The good news is, the dogs could not care less about Nico.

The less-good news is, in his classic, ornery style, Nico is determined to be a jerk to them every chance he gets.

On advice of various trainers on the internet, we’ve made our aft berth (where we sleep) a dog-free zone. At night, before we carry the dogs downstairs into the cabin, we move the litter box into our en suite head (bathroom) so Nico is never forced to cross paths with the pups. He still gets our bed (his favorite spot), and us, to himself. At bedtime, while the dogs snore away in the salon, Nico has a lair with easy access to his food, water, and box. And during the day, while the pups are upstairs, he has the run of the boat.

It’s worked beautifully so far. The dogs respect the system and give the cat his space.

Nico is not scared of them. Actually, he goes out of his way to be near them, and whines when we are all up in the cockpit, leaving him out downstairs. When he’s around them he gets close and hisses in their faces. In these situations, Cole and Marigot sit quietly and avert their eyes. Such. Good. Dogs. After a while, Nico runs out of venom and they all fall asleep.

I think we’ve established our Alpha on this boat (I used to believe it was me, now I’m not quite sure). I’m hoping that soon he’ll  spare us the hissy-fits – then we’ll be on our way to peaceful co-existence.