Just a little update from the yard, here on Day 22.

Remember how I speculated that we’d be on the hard for just two weeks? Ha! Those were the days!

Week 3 brought paint-unfriendly weather conditions, killing productivity. There was just enough rain Monday and Tuesday for yard work to grind to a standstill. On Wednesday, the sun came out (yay!), but rain was replaced by bonkers wind (nooooooooo), which also is bad for painting. The deafening sound of the tarps blowing all around us got old fast. Brian’s face in the photo above pretty much sums up our state of mind yesterday afternoon.

Morale is low. An army of ants has found its way up the scaffolding and into the cabin, I’ve somehow hurt my back and I can’t turn my head in either direction, we’re stuck inside reading horror after horror in the news from America, and some asshole keeps siphoning gas off our dinghy tank. We discovered this after we’d set out in the dinghy for the evening, decided to risk it anyway, and ended up rowing home in the dark.

We’d be completely discouraged, except that the parts of the boat that Noel has managed to paint look shiny and reflective, just the way we’d hoped – see photos below.

We’re grateful for our friends, who provide plenty of distraction from all of this. This week I reunited (25 years later) with Lacey, a childhood friend who is currently cruising the Caribbean with her husband and two kids, Mary and I ventured out by public bus for a fun afternoon of errands (SodaStream canister refill was a partial success) and lunch, and we played many spirited rounds of Mexican Train dominoes with the crews of  Neko and Mermaid.

We’re really hopeful that week 4 will bring better weather. For now, back to work!