Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Nightingale Tune is blue!

What you see in the photo above is the first of four coats of Awlgrip. True confession – we really didn’t like the color once we saw it on the hull. Those paint chips on the color charts are very deceptive – while good-on-paper, this color wasn’t quite what we’d hoped it would be. Brian obsessed over it for a while in what was possibly the worst case of buyer’s remorse in the history of boating –  and we ultimately chose another color for subsequent coats.

Happy anniversary to us – today we move into our third week on the hard, now fully surrounded by blue tarps. We’re nearly finished with brightwork (finally), and tomorrow – when the guys are not here painting the boat – we’ll wash and de-mildew our rugs, fenders, and cockpit cushions, in an effort to start putting things back together after being in “yard mode” for so long.

As we dare to dream of splashing – please let it be sometime next week – I’ve set my sights on more routine projects, like deep cleaning the boat and provisioning for the coming months. Yesterday, I happily traded my paintbrush for a pastry spatula to whip up a cake to surprise our friend Pete on his b-day. I’d like to think that my newfound varnishing skills translated when applying a thin, glossy coat of chocolate glaze.

And it certainly hasn’t been all work and no play for this little crew. Our social calendar keeps us quite active in the evenings, as many friends have landed in Sint Maarten, by sea and by plane. By some miracle, our friend Roxie’s beach vacation ended up coinciding with our extended stay, and Roxie and her friends treated us to a fun evening at their spectacular rented house, overlooking all of Simpson Bay. I wish I’d taken more photos!

Time for another day in the yard. The guys are outside, prepping the next coat of the new blue, things are looking good.

All the way from NYC!