We just pulled the trigger on a huge new project here in the yard, hence my smiling/freaked out face. We’d been wanting to do this forever and we figured – if not now, when? So we’re going for it. We’re keeping it a secret at the moment, but you might be able to guess what we’re up to – I’m holding a clue in the photo above.

Day 8 is upon us, and we’ve got a new team working alongside us this weekend. And while they are busy with all things hull related…

Varnishing has begun! There’s so much of it to do, I’ve been working in batches and the wood around the boat is in various stages of sanded, taped, base-coated without sanding, and curing. It’s been a harrowing experience at times – hello OCD – but maybe, just maybe, I can see things starting to come together. More on that project, end-to-end, once it is complete.

And Brian, well, he’s been busy with less sexy tasks. He spent a couple of days painstakingly replacing our hull fittings (drain fixtures for where water leaves the boat from our sinks drains, bilges, and engine cooling system) only to have to re-do a lot of them in light of the new project. He resealed and changed the bolts on our stern ladder, then had remove the ladder for the new project. And, as he started to remove the teak grate from the bowsprit (the frontmost extension of our boat that hangs over the water) to be varnished, pieces of it cracked and crumbled. So, he decided it was time to build a new one.

I cannot wait to see how everything looks once we’re done, and of course, I’ll be sharing before and after shots when we’re through. It makes living on the hard for this extended period worth it!