Happy New Year from St. Martin!

We departed Antigua in the middle of the night and dropped the hook here 18 hours later. We were just in time to catch a dramatic sunset in Marigot Bay and have an arrival celebration with our friends Pete and Deb on Delancey, who surprised us with sandwiches, a baguette, and a bottle of cold rosé.

The last time we saw our dear friends, we were waving goodbye to them in Turks & Caicos and we’d each stored up eight months worth of stories since. Unfortunately, Brian and I had been awake for over 36 hours at that point, and Pete and Deb insisted that we stop gabbing and sleep, which we did, until the smell of baking croissants wafting through our hatches woke us up on New Year’s Eve morning.

A reunion with friends in one of our favorite spots. For nomads like us, it doesn’t get much better.

After checking into the country and visiting the wine shop to prepare for New Year Eve, we all met up again for a big, long lunch at one of the French bistros that line the bay.  After a leisurely lunch filled with steak and stories, we returned to our boats for a disco nap, and reconvened aboard Delancey for more revelry, fireworks, French goodies, and some glasses of champagne.

We hope 2017 will be filled with peace, good health, and plenty of new adventures. We’ll be kicking off the new year in style – cruising St. Martin and the nearby islands with our buds for a week or two before parting ways again.

2017, let’s do this.

Free champers at the wine shop – so what if it’s 10AM?

I am so in love with Lucy

Many boats in the harbor started firing off rescue flares – nerve wracking because it was windy and some came very close to landing on Delancy’s bow.

When the clock struck midnight,  fireworks displays happened all around the island. This photo doesn’t really do it justice. Moving boat + darkness + fireworks mode on the point and shoot camera = Jackson Pollock. Those white squiggles are lights at the tops of boats’ masts.