In our scramble to prepare for our 1AM departure for St. Martin, I sent Brian to the deli counter to get three pieces of fried chicken for lunch. He returned with three pounds. He says the deli lady made a mistake, but I know better. My husband is a fried chicken fiend.

Faced with this huge bag of chicken, our quick afternoon bite turned into a pretty serious lunch aboard. And boat preparations have slowed considerably since.

Let it be known that the fried chicken at the grocery store in Jolly Harbor, Antigua is right. Even Nico, who’s not usually into human food, agrees. The minute I stood up from the table, he hopped up and stole my seat. He wouldn’t leave until I gave him a piece.

At least I can cross passage meal prep off my list.

I sincerely hope that our next blog entry comes at you 100 miles from here in sunny St. Martin. See you on the other side!

It was a no shirt affair