Brian and Nico listening to Chris Parker’s early marine weather broadcast.

Just as we predicted, the Christmas winds are holding us hostage in Antigua.

If you’re reading this from a cold place, it’s likely that you’re overwhelmed with sympathy for our plight.

It’s not so much that we’re “stuck” in Antigua (although the winds are making our days and nights uncomfortable and rolly) – and all about the fact that we would really, really, really like to be in St. Martin. The Delancey crew, our true blue buds who accompanied us through the Bahamian Out Islands to Turks & Caicos, landed in St. Martin earlier this week, and we’re dying to spend some time with them before going our separate ways north and south.

As prudent sailors, we avoid situations that put us on any kind of a schedule. We’ve found that having a deadline and a place to be clouds our judgement when it comes to weather – it’s easier to justify and rationalize a decision to leave in rough conditions when there are people waiting for you on the other side.

We’re trying hard not to let our desires get the better of us, because – ta da! There’s a glimmer of hope in the forecast later this week – the winds are predicted to back down a bit, making the waves lie down to a more manageable 7 feet.

We’ll be watching carefully, hoping for a weather miracle.