That boat on the end – the one with the crazy looking masts and spreaders? That’s the Maltese Falcon.

Those boats in the photo up top? They are our mega yacht neighbors (or is it super mega yacht? I’m not totally clear on the terminology). Those beasts are parked at the yacht club, just minutes away from where we’ve anchored Nightingale Tune, here in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua.

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. Sitting just beyond these boats of the uber-rich, we’re considered the riff raff. And I couldn’t be happier about that.

Following our epic week of sailing, we haven’t been doing much these days – and we’re loving it! Besides a little boat work, some swimming and land exploration, ukulele practice, reading, binging on True Detective, and a couple of fun dinners with friends (there’s great Italian food here – we can’t stop thinking about the handmade pastas – so. good.), we’ve been laying pretty low.

Our desire to stay put couldn’t have been better timed. The Christmas winds are kicking and there is nowhere we’d rather be than tucked into this rare gem of a Caribbean anchorage with zero swell, great holding, and plenty of space between the boats. We’re sleeping like babies out here, under the lights of the mega yachts that tower in the distance like the skyline of a floating city.




This is the anchorage where NT is anchored, as viewed from the yacht club. We love it here.