Looking happy because soon there will be cheese

Looking happy because soon there will be cheese

Yesterday’s sail to Fort de France, Martinique (you may remember that we’ve been here before) was in the service of one important thing – our love of cheese.

For cheese, we ventured several hours out of our way in zippy conditions that were not entirely comfortable for me or for Nico. We anchored in a notoriously rolly anchorage where we knew we wouldn’t get much sleep. And, we by-passed other, more convenient marchés with lesser cheese selections to walk 35 minutes, straight uphill to get our fromage fix.

We did it all to shop at the Hyper U, a chain of grocery stores (also called Super U in other countries) that we love in the French islands.

We found cheese, yes, glorious, stinky, crumbly, gooey, and amazing. Also tons of other stuff we haven’t been able to get for a while – bourbon, champagne, yellow lemons, orange oranges, pink grapefruit (citrus grown in the islands is always green and super pithy – I’m not a fan, except for the limes), full-fat and unflavored yogurt, fresh herbs of all kinds, charcuterie, mustards… even though we restrained wine and liquor purchases to just five bottles, we still went a little too crazy, judging by my aches and pains.

I may as well have been carrying Brian home on my back. At least it was all downhill from there! And bonus – exercise!

Now to stow it all…


With all the countries we’ve been visiting, we’re becoming a floating currency exchange (very small quantities only). We had to locate our stash of Euro from last summer before we could go to shore.


Even though it’s terribly uncomfortable, I love the anchorage in Fort de France. We arrived just before sunset.


The downhill schlep


So. Worth. It.


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