Multi-tasking: washing the decks and testing the new waterproof camera at the same time

You saw the title and assumed we’d gotten mud baths and mani/pedis this weekend, right? Nope. This weekend, all of the TLC was for Nightingale Tune.

You see, when we’ve been out sailing for a while, the boat gets kind of… gross. It’s mostly due to our obsessive water conservation, but also, some projects just go better when you have a dock to stand on. Sometimes we’ll go for months before I insist that we take a slip and do a major deep cleaning. This time, the mildew (thanks, monsoon-like rain) pushed me over the edge after just five weeks. Luckily, just as I was about to lose it, we took a slip at IGY Marina at Rodney Bay and received our packages. Crisis averted.

Our stay here has been super productive. In addition to receiving our stuff,  we managed to knock out all this in just two days:

Install winch on davits
Scrub decks, all nooks and crannies
Dremel off old anchor shackle
Install new anchor shackle
Clean and polish all stainless
Clean and polish strataglass
Soak corroded metal tools, housewares in vinegar
Shampoo interior throw rugs
Run AC to dry out cabin
Laundry – send to wash and fold, then put away
Organize cockpit supplies and storage
Vacuum bilges
Defrost freezer
Fill water tanks
Clean out clogged cockpit drains and scuppers
De-mildew cockpit cushions
Wipe cabin down with vinegar (discourage mildew)
Provision cat supplies (fun fact, cats in the French islands don’t pee in litter)
Cut new, (pretty) white webbing straps to secure jerry cans
Clean, polish, and wax hull (ok, so we enlisted some help with this one – thanks Charlie and team! You guys made NT sparkle better than we ever could have ourselves.)

She’s feeling like a whole new boat – now let’s go sailing!


I don’t even want to know what magic Charlie used to get all the rust off the transom. And by magic I mean, super toxic cleaning products. I’m just glad it’s gone!


While I tacked most of the items on that list, Brian polished stainless for two. days. straight. He’s a trooper.




These were completely green and rusted before I restored them, along with some locks and tools – vinegar ftw!


Nico, watching Brian polish stainless through the hatch above


I won’t tell you how gross these rugs get while we’re out adventuring.


Rodney Bay requires sailors to use their wash and fold service. I was happy to oblige. They do dockside pickup and same day drop off – pretty awesome service!


Cockpit box, restocked with clothespins, waterproof flashlight, sunscreen, and clean turkish towels