See that cart Brian’s hauling back to our slip in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia? That’s all the stuff we’ve been waiting around for these past few weeks.

Usually, when we want something that’s not available in the Caribbean, we just go without. It’s always too annoying/delaying/expensive to get things shipped from the United States. But, a few weeks ago, we decided to pull the trigger and finally buy stand-up paddle boards for the boat. They were something we’d wished for in calm anchorages all last season. So, we contacted a shipping agent in Miami who would work with a customs broker in St. Lucia to handle the delivery.

And while we were shipping things, we figured, why not add just a little more to the shipment? Season 1 took its toll on so many things aboard: kitchen tools, towels, electronics chargers, clothing, our no-longer-waterproof phone cases – so much of our stuff was worn, rusted, busted, corroded, unfixable and needing to be replaced.

There was also the stuff being held by our mail service in Florida – including some super-essential inflatable chairs that Brian impulse-bought up on Kickstarter.

And, since we were on a roll, we threw in a few extra goodies for ourselves. For me, a ukulele, which I’ve been wanting to learn for some time now. For Brian, a winch to make raising the dinghy easier, and a rugged little point-and-shoot camera for our outdoor exploits.

Kenny, the amazing customs broker at the marina, was kind enough to receive all 18 boxes, and deliver them to us at the marina personally. He made the very opaque process a breeze. He also assured us that our order was tiny compared to the pallets of stuff he imports for guests aboard mega-yachts.

Happy early Christmas/Chanukah to us! Now, where are we going to put all this extra stuff?



Cracking up at this absurdly tiny winch


“Hold it out in front of you, so it will look bigger in the photo”