A man built an island out of conch shells and cement in the middle of a reef. And on that island, he built a bar. He named it Happy Island.

Happy Island sits adjacent to the anchorage in Clifton on Union Island, the town where northbound sailors must stop and clear in with customs when visiting the islands of St. Vincent & The Grenadines. Positioned alongside a shallow reef, the anchorage is spectacular – and Happy Island is the perfect vantage point for taking it all in. It’s a popular spot for sundowners.

We would have loved to spend the night here to experience what was sure to be a fantastic sunset. Unfortunately, Clifton has a dodgy reputation for being hostile to sailors in the anchorage and we weren’t digging the harassment from boat boys zooming up to giving us the hard sell – take a mooring ball, buy my diesel, buy some fish, want some drugs?

So, our visit on Happy Island was short but sweet. Over local beers and sodas, we took in the view (which didn’t disappoint) and chatted with a surly local called Mr. Everywhere, who sold Randy some red snapper. Then, we hopped back in the dinghy to ready our boats for a short hop to Petit St. Vincent, a secluded, privately-owned island in The Grenadines, where we’ll spend the next few days.


Last sail flying the Grenadian flag in 2016. We had a really lovely hour-long sail from Sandy Island to Union Island – so awesome to shake out the sails and relax!


Checking into St. Vincent & The Grenadines at Union Island. After a taste of these islands heading south, we are excited to spend more time here.


We showed up to Happy Island on Independence Day in St. Vincent & The Grenadines and had the place to ourselves.


Beth and I sampled these *totally* natural sodas (you can tell by the color!) made in St. Vincent


View of the anchorage from Happy Island. Totally stunning place to drop the hook.


St. Vincent’s local beer comes in very tiny bottles


Re-anchored at Petit St. Vincent for the night. He looks grumpy, but was purring as this photo was being taken, I swear.