New year, new flag.

Hurricane season is nearly over and that means we’ve been busy readying Nightingale Tune for departure.

So… what’s the plan?

We’re sad that we won’t be continuing west toward Panama and the Pacific this year, as we’d originally hoped. It’s a cash flow problem – we wouldn’t be able to do the trip without dipping into savings that we agreed we wouldn’t touch. We’re bummed to say the least, but sailing to New Zealand and Australia and then going broke would be an even bigger bummer. It will have to wait until another year.

With the Pacific off the table, we considered our remaining options for Year 2 and had a chat about what really matters to us. These were the most important factors:

1. We’d missed a bunch of spots on our way down here and still haven’t fully “done” the Caribbean, and we’d like to see more.

2. We wanted another big sailing challenge – something that would take us to new waters and test us as sailors.

As soon as we’d identified these needs, the answer became clear.

In 2017, we will sail up the East Coast, focusing most of our time in New England, and possibly go all the way to Nova Scotia.

There are so many reasons we love this idea – we’ll be able to see the spots we missed and revisit old favorites in the Caribbean, cross paths and reunite with many great friends who will be heading south as we go north, carve out a major chunk of time for the Bahamas next winter, and best of all, experience the majestic beauty of New England and (hopefully) Canada by sea.

It’s time to go, and we’re almost ready… just a few dozen projects more to prepare for the season ahead. I snapped a few shots of the things we’ve been tackling this week.

Year 2 – here we come!


Nico, on his way to terrorize the vet at St. George’s University Small Animal Clinic trip during his annual rabies immunization.


The sacrificial cover (that protects it from UV when rolled up) on our headsail was coming loose, so we wheeled it over to the yoga studio at our marina to spread out for repairs.



We NEVER have space like this to work – LOVE our marina!


A perfectly flaked sail


Time to re-mark the anchor chain!


The little flags made from dacron sewed into our chain worked great last year, but the sharpie drawn numbers had faded. This year Brian embroidered the numbers onto the flags, so hopefully we’ll be able to see them for a long time.


Bilge cleaning – my favorite!


We switched out the old primary bilge pump for a new one. There was nothing wrong with the old one, but we figured we’d rather use the new one and save the old for backup.



Time to re-provision! The lockers and cabinets have grown bare. It’s time to fill them back up with groceries and Grenadian favorites, like chocolate and Ting grapefruit drink.


Brian enjoying his last waffles for a while – they are a luxury we only have when plugged into shore power