We’re not all just lounging around here.

September is hot in Grenada. Very, very, very hot. We’ve become oozy sweat monsters, leaving moist sillhouettes all over our clothing, rivers of sweat running down our faces. We don’t dare touch the upholstery without first putting down a towel. We’re gross.

The heat has also made us slow and lethargic, cutting our productivity in half. We took up residence in a marina with the goal of knocking out an ambitious list of boat projects – a reset for season 2 just ahead – but we’re way behind where we’d hoped to be by October 1. Here’s where we’re at as of today:


Clean/re-org V-Berth cabinets
Complete inventory of supplies all around the boat
Fix broken cabinet hinge in forward head
Wipe cabin ceiling with vinegar
Install new latches for 4 cabinets in salon and 2 in aft head
Clean rugs
Wash out cat box
Wash out Air Head
Clean upholstery
Change rubber liners in drawers and cabinets
Inventory all spare parts and buy/order what got used in year 1
Re-org tool storage
Service thru-hulls and close unnecessary ones
Scrub bilge
Clean 3 water tanks
Install new inverter in aft berth
Inventory stored food items
Defrost freezer
Clean port lights and apply vaseline to rubber seals
Clean/Re-org engine room
Service roller fuller for headsail
Replace eisenglass with strataglass in dodger
Re-do solar panel connections
Fix flexible solar panel connectors (resew into bimini)
Finish jerry can covers (4 more)
Make dinghy chaps 2.0
Make more port light covers
Clean out/re-org lazaretts
Polish stainless hardware all over boat
Make cockpit pillows
Rehab ring buoys
Touch up toe rail varnish
Polish and wax hull
polish steering pedestal
Top off batteries with distilled water
Buy new USA flag
Rig up better locks for dinghy/outboard motor
Replace lines for our canvas tents
New dock lines
Buy/install new spreader lights
Waterproof bimini/dodger
Fix cockpit lighting

It hasn’t helped that the boat has sprung some new problems on us in the middle of plowing through our list. You’d think that a boat just sitting in a calm slip wouldn’t develop new issues, but we’ve proven it can be done. For example, we blew a whole weekend disabling our hydraulic steering and troubleshooting the source of a leak that was gushing steering fluid all over the pedestal and the engine room floor. Once Brian got in there and took the thing apart, he discovered the problem – a gasket seal that had literally busted open. And what caused this problem? The HEAT. The gasket had literally overheated and given way.

We understand exactly how that gasket feels.

Despite these setbacks, we’re proud of the work we have managed to accomplish so far. We captured some of the bigger types of projects – mostly canvas work, reorganization, deep cleaning, and electrical repairs – in the photos below. And, because nobody loves a post filled with projects, I included some shots of gorgeous Grenada that I snapped during a breezy evening walk.


Making a template for the dinghy chaps. This project was abandoned when the hydraulic steering emergency took priority.


The eisenglass panels (windows) of our dodger were all scratched up and foggy. We decided to keep the dodger but swap in new windows made of high-quality strataglass.


We can see clearly now!


…and then – surprise! –  the hydraulic steering started leaking.


The culprit was a gasket that busted open in the hot Grenadian sun.


And while Brian was busy restoring the steering, he decided to clean and repack the rudder (this is before and after). This is what’s under the mattress where we sleep every night.


There has been tons of deep cleaning, re-organizing, and inventory projects. Here, I’m doing a deep clean of the fridge. Something from the produce bin fell all the way to the bottom and had rotted down there. I have to stand on my tiptoes and hold a sponge with a pair of tongs to reach the bottom for cleaning.


These gems had also fallen to the bottom. Can you believe we still have these beers that we bought in Virginia one year ago? Also, notice that my shorts are soaked. That’s not water! Gross I say!


clean fridge = happy fridge


One of the many little improvements to make us more organized while underway. We hung this strap for sunglasses and our sunglass cleaning cloth to make it easy for us to grab/clean our glasses just by reaching in from the companionway.


In the evenings, we enjoy getting off the boat. We took some drinks and had a walk across the beautiful grounds of Port Louis Marina.


We ended up at the beach, just in time to catch the sunset.


Life is good.