Month: July 2016

Toasting Grenada

We’ve arrived in Grenada! It’s a milestone worthy of bubbles – the good stuff. Cheers to 3,500 nautical miles under our keel! Cheers to the new people we’ve met and the lessons we’ve learned! Cheers to our old girl Nightingale Tune for getting us here safe and sound! Cheers to friends and family for your love and support along the way! For the next three months (until November 1) we’ll be in Grenada (except for a short trip back to the States) waiting out hurricane season and working on Nightingale Tune. After being on the move for what feels like forever,...

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Strolling Bequia, the First Island of the Grenadines

Our first morning in Bequia (pronounced beck-way) we’d hoped to sleep in, but the locals had other plans for us. A friendly knock on the hull sent us scrambling for clothes, pretending that we’d been awake all along. One after another, vendors came knocking – first the bread guy with baguettes, then the photo guy with photo proofs of our boat coming into the harbor (he’d shot them from his dinghy the day before), and a lady to pick up the laundry. Nobody was pushy, and we got bread and crossed laundry off the to-do list, all without leaving our boat. Based on these services, the waterfront...

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A Sunny Place for Shady People*

Our search for a dinghy engine brought us to Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, where we found the last Yamaha 8hp 2-stroke for sale in all of Eastern Caribbean. Ironically, if it were not for needing to replace our stolen engine, we would have skipped this port completely, given its reputation for being a hotbed of boat crime. We’d only set foot on St. Lucian soil for one minute when a local man (drinking a beer, 9AM) approached us on our way to the Customs office. He’d noticed that we’d rowed in, and he wanted to sell us an engine....

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It’s Been Real, Martinique

An uneventful overnight sail from Les Saintes brought us into the bay at Fort de France, Martinique, the biggest city in the Windward Islands. Many cruisers warned us that we wouldn’t like it – “the city is dirty, the people are unfriendly, you’ll feel trapped on your boat!” – we heard over and over again. I’ve noticed that we’re often at odds with the cruiser consensus when it comes to cities in the Caribbean. In the shadow of the massive Fort St. Louis seawall, the anchorage and dinghy dock is adjacent to an immaculate park that surrounds some of...

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When Your Outboard Engine is Stolen in Martinique and You Don’t Speak French

Those who follow us on Facebook (if you don’t, what are you waiting for?) already know that a few days ago, our outboard engine was stolen off the back of our dinghy in Anse Mitan, Martinique. It happened in the middle of the night, while we slept 10 feet away. There were two big stainless steel padlocks on the dinghy – one locking the engine to the transom, and one securing the dinghy to the big boat. We are thankful that we were not boarded by the thieves and that nobody was hurt. It’s only money. And hello, #firstworldproblems....

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