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The point at Boqueron was a welcome sight after our long passage to Puerto Rico from Turks and Caicos.

Anchored at last in the industrial bay of Mayaguez, we couldn’t believe our luck when we called up Puerto Rican Customs and discovered that we were able to clear in without leaving our boat. We decided to put those hours we wouldn’t be spending in the Customs office to good use and moved on to more scenic waters, just down the way in Boqueron.

Boqueron is a spring break-y happening party place for local co-eds on the weekends, but we arrived on a Tuesday and the streets were eerily deserted. The main drag is lined with bars and food stands, but the only watering hole open to serve was a lesbian bar, hosting an entertaining mix of salty ex-pats, rag-tag locals, and a group of cruisers we’d met months ago in the Bahamas, who had just arrived from the Dominican Republic. Fortified by $1.50 cans of Medallia beer and rousing tales of our passages, we became hungry and wondered around until we found a restaurant with a porch by the water where we enjoyed our first taste of Puerto Rican food and a very beautiful sunset.

Returning to Nightingale Tune in the dark, we felt phenomenal. The passage was done, we’d celebrated with our friends, and finally, it was time to sleep.

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The town is designed to cater to the hordes of partying young people who show up on the weekends. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we arrived on a Tuesday and found nearly every establishment closed.

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Vacation condos

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Unwinding from the passage with $1.50 cans of Medalla beer and hanging with some folks we’d met back in the Bahamas – Rosie and Sim of s/v Wandering Star.

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Official passage “after” photo. I realize that I’m wearing the same clothes as I did in the “before” shot – don’t judge.

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We finally ended up at Galloway’s Bar and Restaurant, which has a nice screened in dining area overlooking the harbor. Fun place, great food.