s/v Nightingale Tune and s/v Selah at anchor in Pipe Creek. They are sister boats (Whitby 42 and Brewer 42 were both designed by Ted Brewer and have the same hull and layout), which is why they look practically identical.

Anchored in deeper waters of Pipe Creek next to our friends’ boat Selah, the first thing we did was grab our snorkels and jump in the water. We typically dive our anchor to ensure it has set, but this time we also inspected the keel of the boat, following our little incident just up the creek. The anchor was sufficiently buried, and our keel and rudder were fully intact. Big sigh of relief.

We used the remaining daylight hours for exploring a bit of Pipe Creek, hoping to find conch or lobster. That was a bust, but we had fun taking in the gorgeous coral gardens and schools of tropical fish instead. As the sun set, the cold front rolled in, bringing 36 tense and sleepless hours of frightening wind that didn’t play well with the illogical, anchor-twisting currents of Pipe Creek. Sometime in the wee hours of the second day, Brian and I exchanged a look that said fuck this place. We are SO out of here.

But then dawn came, bringing calm and a more positive outlook. Our friends came alongside our boat in their dinghy, ready to go out and play. Allison gave us a workout on the beach,and then we explored the reefs, sandbars, and blue waters that surrounded the tiny and uninhabited islands that dotted the creek. The following day, Cori and Dale of s/v Hi Flite met up with us for a wet dinghy ride out to Rocky Dundas for snorkeling in the caves, and a short hike to find Rachel’s Bubble Bath on Compass Cay. In the evenings we took turns cooking dinner aboard Nightingale Tune and Selah, and playing spirited rounds of a very addictive board game called Ticket to Ride.


Tense hours of anchor watch during the storm in Pipe Creek


After 36 sleepless hours, we awoke to a gorgeous sunny day once the front passed. Allison, a fitness guru and excellent motivator, took us to the beach and led us in a Tabata workout. She wrote an exercise program for us to follow in the sand. On the right we kept track of the number of circuits we’d completed.


Allison and Bo in their dinghy, inflatable stand up paddleboard (SUP) in tow. I’m lobbying hard to get one of these for our boat – so fun and surprisingly challenging.


While Brian and Bo went spear fishing, we girls checked out this sandbar



Pizza and game night aboard Nightingale Tune


Chorizo, goat cheese, artichokes, pickled hot peppers, homemade crust


Walking across Compass Cay to the baths at low tide with Allison and Bo, and new friends Cori, and Dale of s/v Hi Flite



Rachel’s Bubble Bath on Compass Cay


It’s called a bubble bath because the waves that break through the cut (pictured here behind Bo’s head) and fill the pool with bubbles. We went on a calm day and it wasn’t that bubbly, but still very beautiful.


Brian at the top of the cliff near the bath



Brian aboard s/v Selah. I love seeing how other people set up their Whitby/Brewer. Theirs has the nicest cockpit enclosure I’ve ever seen.


Allison and me, playing Ticket to Ride

The wind has shifted north – perfect sailing down to Georgetown – and we grabbed the opportunity to provision and fuel up for the first time since Nassau. The worst part of cruising is saying goodbye, but I’m confident our paths will soon cross and we’ll pick up right where we left off, with plenty of new stories to share.