4 AM departure from NYC, moon over Manhattan

As we headed out of New York Harbor before dawn, looking back at the lights of the buildings made it too difficult to focus our eyes on the course ahead. We were so fixated on dodged tankers and floating debris in the darkness we forgot to have ourselves a sentimental moment, but given how little I care for sailing a Whitby 42 in the harbor, it was a pretty fitting way to close that chapter and begin another.


Sunrise, near Sandy Hook, NJ

The sun started to rise as we cleared the channel into the ocean. The boat suddenly started rolling with six foot swells, and I experienced sea sickness for the first time since my elementary school’s whale watching trip. While not totally debilitating, it made everything, from using the bathroom to handling sails, ten times more laborious. Brian was completely unaffected, I wish I could say the same for poor Nico.


Brian, swaying back and forth to demonstrate the swells


Me, debilitated by sea-sickness


Bird, hitching a ride


At anchor in Atlantic City

After fourteen hours of motor-sailing (that’s what we do when there’s too little wind and we want to get somewhere faster – put the sails up and turn the motor on), we made it to the anchorage at Brigantine Beach, just as the Atlantic City casinos lit up behind us. We set our Rocna anchor and fired up the boat grill to feast on vegetables, sausage, and bread I’d baked the night before. Tomorrow we’ll be rounding Cape May, and (as long as we time ourselves to be with the current) we hope to anchor at the top of the Delaware River for the night. (Travel: 10/7/15)