Cozy and warm in the cabin, listening to the rain drum on the deck above our heads

All summer long, Brian has quipped that we’d pay for the perfect weather we’ve enjoyed June through September with non-stop rain beginning the moment we’re ready to leave the dock. Sure enough, just as our window for departure opened, so came predictions of a nor’easter and a hurricane threatening to hit the East Coast. Not wishing to be stuck in a storm on the hook somewhere between NYC and Annapolis, we opted to stay at our slip in our well-protected and comfortable marina.


Freezer with 12 inches of XPS foam insulation, covered with FRP board to create a new, well-insulated floor

Then we went right back into project mode as we waited for the rain. I got into the dinghy and scrubbed the hull above the waterline (for the first time since we got her – kind of gross), while Brian worked on shrinking the size of our freezer, which was too big for the new Frigoboat system’s freezing plate to handle. The project was successful and our newfound confidence in the freezer’s ability to stay cold inspired additional provisioning for meat, a stockpile of freezable cheese, and frozen fruit.


Brian programming the Raspberry Pi, which we hope to use as our backup chart plotter, anchor alarm, and media storage station

When the rain arrived on Thursday, we switched gears to indoor projects. Brian is programming a Raspberry Pi, which we hope to use for some of our boat systems and data storage needs (if it works, I’ll have him write a post about it sometime). I made runs into the city for supplies, visited the doctor to get prescriptions for our medical kit, spent a day portioning and vacuum sealing foodstuffs, and finally organized a batch of “working spices” (my version of a spice rack) into quart containers, which are the most awesome, cheap food storage solution ever.

IMG_5530 2

Just a little bit of our medical supply stock for the first aid kit and go bag


I possibly went a little overboard with a food and spice portioning project using the vacuum sealer


My “working” spices, sorted into four categories: basic, baking, curry blends, seeds & herbs

I also started getting to know the boat oven a bit. I tried my favorite basic muffin recipe and quickly discovered how different baking on a boat can be. With some recipe modifications, I’m confident we’ll have ourselves some tasty muffins in the future. For dinner on Wednesday, I made our first boat pizza from scratch and stashed away enough frozen sauce for three more.


Strawberry muffins, baked in muffin tins that belonged to my grandmother. They fit perfectly in our tiny oven.


Sicilian-style boat pizza topped with spicy pickled green beans (don’t knock it ’till you try it)

Today’s weather reports are looking up, with new predictions that hurricane Joaquin will head east out to sea (unfortunately, only after it’s done pummeling the poor Bahamas) and we’ve prepared for the 40 knot gusts predicted for the “nor’easter-like storm” blowing outside the boat. We were disappointed to delay our trip, but having extra time has only made us more prepared, and we’ll be watching the weather carefully to determine when we’ll finally make our move.