We’re looking extra pudgy around here these days, and it’s not just the extra pizza and pork buns we’ve been eating to compensate for life after we leave New York. My parents drove down from Maine for a visit and brought our brand-new Portland Pudgy dinghy with them. Now we own two boats!


We’re thrilled with the dingy so far. To celebrate her arrival, we rowed my mom around the marina, before hoisting her up onto the deck for storage. Among the features that we love so far, she has nifty handles on the bottom, which makes handling her out of water so much easier.


With beautiful weather, we couldn’t resist taking mom and dad out for a cruise in the harbor. They got a kick out of being waved to by hordes of tourists, and we had a long, beautiful lunch anchored out behind the Statue of Liberty.






We thoroughly enjoyed their visit and it was hard to see them go as we start dealing with the reality of not seeing our friends and loved ones for a long time. Hopefully, they’ll be able to visit us in the Bahamas.